CFI Wood

CFI Wood is a brand of CFI World S.A. and part of an international group whose activity focuses on the distribution of chemical raw materials intended for the broadly defined wood industry in Poland, Austria,  Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, and Hungary.

About us

Our strength is a team of young t experienced and qualified people. We are characterised by having a flexible approach and providing clients with individual “tailor-made” solutions. Our motto is “Innovative Solutions”.

Our portfolio includes well known suppliers from Europe, Asia, and India.
We have offices in many parts of the world, and we specialise in delivering high quality raw materials, even those that we do not currently have in our portfolio.

Our main goal is to provide the raw materials that contribute to the creation of products which are as natural as possible.

We specialise in the elimination of formaldehyde from final products as well as capturing its molecules from the air ? FORCHOC E and FORCHOC S are our flagship products that make this possible.

Basic products


Wood-based panels

UF resins
mUF resins
MUF resins
Forchoc E
Forchoc S

Binders and thickeners

Acrylic dispersions
Styrene-acrylic dispersions
EVA dispersions
EVACL dispersions
Acrylic thickeners
Hydrophilic silicas
Hydrophobic silicas


Coalescing agents
Dispersing agents
Impregnating agents

Pigments and fillers

Titanium dioxide
Opaque polymers
MetakaolinsBarium sulfate
Acid Black
Iron oxide yellow
Iron oxide red
Iron oxide black
Malachite green


Titanium dioxide
Opaque polymers

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Research, Development, and Technological Support

CFI Wood provides not only chemical raw materials for the broadly understood wood industry but also, and above all, technological support at every stage of production.

Our speciali specialized research and development laboratory allows us to create new solutions for our clients, encompassing the examination of their needs, development of formulations, research, and implementation into production.


CFI Wood


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